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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Change on Manchester Road

On April 1st as a non-theme post I showed you the Have a Nice Day sign from the Kingston Hand Car Wash on the corner of Manchester Road and Rhodes Street North. It had been derelict since before October 2008, a point no-one seemed to notice.

Now the street has been sealed off ready for demolition, along with the nearby Wellington Hotel. These photographs are from about three weeks ago. Last time I was by demolition of Rhodes Street North was already taking place and the Wellington Hotel is probably no more.

Just lower down Manchester Road is an automatic car wash.


Tom said...

I have drank in here a few times Gerald... Whitbread Brewery had this pub... I had only ever used the vault,as pool, darts, and crib were played there when I last went in. I remember it as being a dark smokey place.... I think it never could compete with the White Gates across the road. That pub might make a good posting for Hyde Daily... or even Old Hyde..
I should have thought it was a very busy pub at one time.... there were lots of mills and other works around there... and of course Hyde Coal Pit.
It is a shame that Hyde like so many other areas are lossing these old pubs and buildings... at one time a pub having a large number of housing built so close by... like is happening here.. would have meant the pub could expect a rise in business, now is seems to mean the oppersite. I also think buildings such as these should be put to good use. These are the kind of building that given a few more year would have had a preservation order on them... I would prefer to see a mixture of old and new on these building areas.

ha! Rant over now Gerald...

Jacob said...

"They" are going to destroy all of these buildings?

I wonder what will be built in their place?

Very interesting! Times change!

tracey said...

Does anyone have any info about the derelict building in front of the automatic car wash on Manchester Road ?(not far from where the Wellington Pub used to be). I have walked past it many times and wondered what it used to be and if there are any photos of it in use

Gerald (SK14) said...

You probably mean the house featured on the post but I know nothing more about now than I did then.

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