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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nettled Sign

Approaching Knott Fold bridge on the Trans Pennine trail horse-riders encounter this sign which says
but this summer's weather has led to a huge growth spurt in the local nettle population and the sign is now almost engulfed by them.


Lowell said...

Not being able to read the sign might nettle me a bit. What happens if you don't keep to the path? Do the coppers come and take away your reins?

I'm being silly.

Like you photo, though, with that sign hiding in those weeds you call nettles.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Don't ask me why but I assumed it said nurse keep to the path. I was about to ask about it then realised it was horses. I wouldn't fancy weeding this.

Lizzy said...

Being a responsible rider, I always slow down or stop when I pass other path users whether they are walkers, runners or riders - shame they don't always do the same - but if the path is clear and there's a chance to gallop well .......... off we go, if it's safe!

AB said...

Has the covering of the side led to any increase in galloping?

Nice image of nature taking over,

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