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Monday, June 29, 2009

Old Signal Posts

There aren't many pieces of railway infrastructure to be found on the path of the former Godley to Apethorn railway line, now part of the TransPennine Trail.

But there are a few old signal posts.

This one is almost hidden by the trees that have grown around it.


Lewis and Clark Trail said...

It's so quaint-looking that it actually becomes an important part of the scenery. said...

There is a program in the USA called "Rails to Trails" that seeks to utilize old railroad rights-of-way for hiking and bicycle trails.

I suspect that the USA has a lot more abandoned railroad lines than Europe, where trains remain an important part of the transportation network.

Lois said...

They look a little lonely.

Neva said...

We have these in America and they are called telepohone wires. They can be a real problem when the wind knocks them over. These look lovely in the locale they are!

marley said...

A window on what once was.

Cezar and Léia said...

Nice shot!It's so good see all this beautiful "green"around!

tapirgal said...

It would be fun if they still had the sign on them. Are they indicators of the next town on the line?

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