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Friday, May 22, 2009

Mister Magic

This post originally showed a photo of a local magician. Although taken quite legally and with verbal permission I have since been informed that the artist's agent now owns his image and I will be sued if I do not remove it. I can't be doing with the hassle so have removed it - it's his loss not mine.


imac said...

Clever chaps, these people quick with their hands Gerald.

tapirgal said...

Hello and thanks for visiting Astoria once again :) I admit to being a UK/Europhile, and I really enjoy getting my daily fix of your country. Thanks so much for your posts that make me feel like I'm making an in-person visit!

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Gerald!
Wonderful picture!This Mr. Magic looks so kind! I think he is a good person mainly because the kind young man seems to enjoy and liked him!
thanks for sharing
God bless you

Buck said...

What a great 'people' photo!

AB said...

You caught the smile just at the right moment

Gail's Man said...

Are the things on the table what he's selling, or things that he's magicked out of people's pockets and bags?

Jackie said...

He does look like a right character! (in the good sense of the word!)

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