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Friday, February 13, 2009

Canal Study #4

The fourth of five studies of the Peak Forest Canal between Adamson's Mills and Captain Clarke's Bridge.


Denise said...

Very interesting photo, I remember the canals where I grew up. Used to love all the activity on them.

Lynette said...

I imagine that these canals still see quite a bit of traffic. Will #5 or #6 show some of that activity, I wonder. I think I see a house trailer there on the left, maybe another one or two. Do people live there all of the time?

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PAK said...

The water as mirror.

(I think abour little river in Chorzów -- it is now very small, and soon will be 'covered', but it is has something simmilar to the canal on the photo.)

Mediterranean kiwi said...

i love water passages, very picturesque

nobu said...

I agree with PAK.
The surface of the river is just like a mirror.
Beautiful scnery.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

It is great what they have done with the canals in Britain.
I like to visit canals whenever I am over there

Barbara Rahal said...

Quiet amazing this canal and the surroundings !! beautiful shots.

Thanks for visiting my blog, well the blue bin its so blue due to a photo technic I aplyed, its called HDR ( High density range photography) its quiet interesting. Im learning it, not so good at it but I think its fantastic!

Thanks fro visiting.
have agood bloggy day!
Barb :O)

marley said...

Great reflections.

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