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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A December Day on the Peak Forest Canal

Remember my recent picture of the Joseph Adamson's Mills?

Here is the view in the opposite direction. In fact I took this picture first and then turned round to take the one of the mills.

If you are reading this on a site with windows7th in the URL please be aware that the site is ripping posts from various sites including London, Rotterdam and Sydney Daily Photo in violation of our copyright. Thanks to Kim of Seattle DP for alerting us to this abuse.

Update 31st Dec: It appears the rip-off site been closed down.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Gerald
I must say I did not recognise the area at first glance... it is well over a year since I walked that part fully.... It certainly is looking well concidering.
I've just spent a pleasent hour or so catching up on a few blogs.. :O)

Marc said...

Hi Gerald, looks like you've found a way to post from the future :-)
I do like your blog though, just browsed through it a bit. Nice intimate atmosphere in many of your pictures. Kind regards.

Lois said...

Very pretty sight. It makes me want to take a ride on that boat.

Reader Wil said...

Beautiful photo, Gerald! Lovely scenery.

Neva said...

I like the area you show....looks like a nice place...

babooshka said...

It's pretty form either side. Canals are often overlooked as the poor relation of water images but for me as a Midlands girl I think they have a special charm of their own.

Sites been ripped off as you know are a big deal with me. I shall look into this further.

magiceye said...

this is lovely

Tash said...

a beautiful, tranquil view; excellent shot, Gerald.

Paul said...

Hi Gerald
I am not too far from the canal system so I go feed the ducks maybe 4 times per week. I try to go on the not so nice days when I think they may go hungry. my friend has a cafe nearby so the bread is not wasted.
I saw the post by Kim, Seatle.

Basir Seerat said...

great work, lovely site.

Middle Ditch said...

Hi Gerald and thanks for the e-mail. The blog you are looking for, where you are as a follower, is

Peter would, I'm sure, love to befriend you.

Happy new year to you and yours.

RuneE said...

Charming indeed!

PS Pity about the ripping off - I see that I'm doing the right thing when I continue to use Firefox. It even removes advertising.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Love this photo.

I guess i am a little behind when it comes to what your saying about being ripped off can you email me private and explain this to me.Or leave me a message on my blog.
Thank you

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