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Friday, August 15, 2008

Top of Knott Lane

The top end of Knott Lane at its junction with Stockport Road opposite the Grapes Hotel.


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful looking old building. I like it and while it looks to be leaning a bit, I suppose it is as stout as many of the new and modern homes.

Tabib said...


There are 2 thing that make this pic intersting;
i) Juxtaposition of man walking and 'man-at-work' sign board.
ii) A cat looking out of the window.

Ashtonian said...

It's a great picture old and the new

Jackie said...

Yes I thought it was leaning a bit too, but I wonder if that's just an optical illusion as the road is sloping. I love these old buildings too.

Petrea said...

Old stone building vs. new building. A nice pairing. Good eye, tabib! Those are interesting details I might not have noticed.

Tash said...

love the cornerstones on the building and the bright, very white door...& now I'm going to look for the cat.

Lizzy said...

It used to be a gents hairdressers belonging to an old chap called Johnny Graham - he probably wasn't that old, but seemed to be when I was a child. He has long gone now. I think there is only one gents hairdressers in Gee Cross these days - Dave's, or are there two?

joy said...

This Building used to belong to my grandfather,the Gents Hairdresser John Graham.After he died mu Grandmother continued to live in this property untill she moved into Laurel Bank Residential Care Home, also on Knot Lane. My family have lived in Gee Cross for over a hundred years and have supported Hyde Chapel for nearly as long.

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