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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fresh Chestnuts

I suppose it is the word daily that makes some people assume that the photographs I picture each day were taken, if not that day then the day before.

Like most CDPB authors, I do not take one picture a day - that way of operating would quickly become boring. Sometimes I do take an odd picture or two, whilst many a time I will go for a walk around an area and take lots of pictures. Rather than show them all at once, I string them out over the coming weeks and months. So most of the time what you see is usually at least a week old and maybe even several months.

But today I do give you something fresh.

I was waiting at the bus stop yesterday morning and someone pointed out these chestnuts growing on the tree by the cemetery.

The bus never showed and we waited almost half an hour for the next which was so full I had to stand all the way into town.

Another month and there'll be conkers strewn around as there were last year and the year before.

As for the photograph I'd intended posting today, you'll just have to wait a bit longer for that.



fruit seen growing fresh on the tree is always an uplifting sight

Marie Reed said...

They are called conkers? What a wonderful tidbit to learn here!

KAZ said...

Good thing you had your camera with you.
I always have mine handy these days - So watch out!

Kelly said...

We roast these on the street here at Christmastime! They are really good!

jill said...

Conkers? Is that because kids through them at each other? Do the squirrels or crows eat them? Are they roasted in the UK?

babooshka said...

Don't forgrt your safety helemt and goggles now when playing conkers! Sundays are usually the only day don't take pics.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I learned the word conkers from dumdad, another british blogger I enjoy (his blog is called: other side of paris)-- such a delightful word!

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