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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bus Stop to Go

I noticed the yellow notice on this bus stop a while ago, but thought it was probably just a flyposter. It was only on Friday morning that I actually read it.

I've copied the announcement, so if you click and enlarge the picture, you can read it for yourself.

I'll tell you more about it in a couple of weeks time.


Wayne said...

Comments or not if that were in Vancouver you could consider it a 'done deal'.

Lew said...

Zebras need their space also!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the timetable, there don't seem to be many buses.

Meead S. said...

I can see another bus stop close to it. Are they a same stop for same buses?

If yes, so removing the first bus stop to mark zebra crossing would not be a serious problem.

If no, these two bus stops can be merged into each other and share one place.

If you take a wider photo of the location (street, sidewalk, bus stops) I can tell you more as a transportation engnieer, if you like. :)

I am so interested to see what will happen to this bus stop, why and the alternatives for it.

Hyde DP said...

The second bus-stop is on the other side of the road for buses in the opposite direction.

As I said, more from here in a couple of weeks.

Greg said...

Hmm the wait is on - bus stop stays or the zebra moves in ?

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