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Saturday, August 09, 2008

August What-is-it? Quiz

OK it is time for another What-is-it? quiz.

The answer will be revealed a week today.


Wayne said...

At the risk of embarrassing myself in front of the whole world I'm going to guess air filters. The paints smears have me second guessing myself however.

Christy said...

Well it is definitely outside on an outer wall. Could it be a type of solar panel or as wayne suggests some sort of air filter?

Bibi said...

I too think they are air filters...or dirty window screens?

Meead S. said...

It couldn't be solar panels because it is too much dirty. Air filter is not a bad guess but I don't think they are. Not windows too. The colors on them is the key to find the answer and the metal frame; somewhere under construction or a working place. It is so hard.

Lizzy said...

Is it the motorway bridge?


I think that is a solar heater!

Here, in São Paulo there are a lot of them!

It makes a great economy of energy!!

Have a nice weekend!



something like a shed of some sort?

babooshka said...

That looks like safety glass to me. I can think of a few places where that was used. It's not housing. Is it a college? I went to a college that had this type and size safety glass windows.

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