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Monday, July 21, 2008

Gee Cross Well Dressing 2008

Yesterday was the Well Dressing Ceremony.

Despite the blustery conditions, there was a large crowd gathered outside the Grapes Hotel and Hyde Chapel waiting for the Adamson Band to lead the procession around to six sites. At each there is a blessing, followed by a verse and chorus of Onward Christian Soldiers.

This year Booths Well was decorated by members of the W.I. to celebrate 300 years of Hyde Chapel.

You can see pictures of five of the six wells or displays on Ackworth born, gone West.

There is also a short video of the band leading the parade up Joel Lane.

More about the history of the ceremony can be found on the Tameside LH Forum website. Also photographs of the 2006 Well Dressing are on my website. One special photo of the band Reflection in Silver is on my photoblog and I'll be publishing some additional photographs from today at a later date.



raincoats? in the middle of july? we can't even sleep a sheet to cover because it's so hot

babooshka said...

A well dressing ceremony. Now you couldn't make that up.Again this is another quirky little fact to store away for the pub quiz.

Louis la Vache said...

Gerald - "Louis" thanks you for your visit and your comment about his Odd Shot!

Lizzy said...

mediterranean kiwi - my dad lives here and he has had the electric fire on in the evenings this week!

Gerald, love the video of the procession going off up Joel Lane.

Pietro said...

Interesting ceremony and very fine picture.

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