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Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Way

These street lights seem to feature in a lot of my photographs. From comments received, their design seems to be well liked. I've always taken them a bit for granted myself.

The dome in the background is on the top of what is now Woolworths, but a century ago was Brownson's Clothiers.


angela said...

They are rather fine and heaps more pleasing than the neon yellow's always nice to see councils making an effort


they are spiffing, especially given the rest of the atmosphere with the spire and black tiled roofs

thanks for the insight into what the sunset could look like in Hania - most enlightening. i shall be on the lookout for such captures

babooshka said...

Well I like them. Just far prettier than a concrete lampost with a vandalised bulb hanging from it.

Ashtonian said...

In Ashton, they're blue and have made it as far as Holy trinity.

marley said...

You sure this shot isn't from Cheltenham?! Lol :)

We have street lamps like this, though they are black, and our Library has a dome just like the one on your Woolworths!

Jilly said...

Nice shot. Love that dome.

Z said...

That's one of the great things about the CDP for me: discovering the unnoticed things in one's own environment.

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