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Friday, May 23, 2008

Gee Cross in Springtime

I've shown a close-up picture of the old signpost in Gee Cross before, and another from the other direction.

This time I've taken a picture from further back at the bottom of Hill Street from where you can see the tree on the corner between Mottram Old Road and Stockport Road in full bloom.

In the 1920s tramlines ran down Stockport Road and where the tree is now there was a house - see this picture on Old Hyde.


KAZ said...

Lovely blossom.
I'm surprised to see a TESCO express in Gee Cross. I thought it was an urbane sort of thing.

Kelly said...

Beautiful tree! I loved the old photo of the site in the 1920's.

marley said...

Nice photo. Love the pink blossom.

Kim said...

Gerald, how often would THIS happen. Next to your lovely photo of the pink blooming tree in Hyde on the portal is a photo from New York of pink petals that have fallen to the ground like snow! What a wonderful happenstance. Happy Friday to you!
Seattle Daily Photo

babooshka said...

Lovely cherry blossom. Do the Bullfinches eat the buds there? Gee Cross perculiar name.

Gail said...

This could be a Japanese sakura tree in UK.

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