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Friday, April 11, 2008

Base of the Cenotaph

Last week I showed you a closeup of the top of the cenotaph on Werneth Low.

Here is the base.


Nikon said...

Nice lighting to this shot, Gerald. Looks a bit chilly, still.

babooshka said...

What a beautiful blue cloud free sky, and a fitting memorial,complete with the poppies.Lest we not forget.

Priyanka Khot said...

Belated wishes for completing 2 years. Wow!!! I mean not even a month of working on Delhi Photo Diary and I already am experiencing so many new things. Wonder what 2 years could mean.

The pic looks wonderful and most of us burning under the Delhi sun could only wish for a lil rain... let alone snow. :-)

Priyanka Khot said...


I thought todays pic was the snow one...

blogging from office never helps... Sorry!

But I will comment on this pic once I visit your blog from home.

Hyde DP said...

don't worry about it

Today's pic was actually taken during a bright spell back in early February [lots of different pics from that day in the archives]

This morning we just have an incessant downpour.

Bursa Daily Photo said...

That glimpse of the hills makes me think of home. I don't miss the weather so much though.

USelaine said...

The red poppies are something I only just learned about in the last several years of watching the Geograph Project. Beautiful.

julia said...

Very sober tone in keeping with the topic. We noticed the 'cold snap' over that way in hearing about our politician visiting there. Scenes of the darned snow make me wish to be there- well maybe, just for a while to see the full effect!

imac said...

Super shot Gerald.

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