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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Horse Rider on Werneth Low

Here is a closer shot of one of the horse riders on the Low.


Nikon said...

Beautiful looking horse, Gerald, & I like the spring light in the tree branches.
I hope all is well (I'm having technical difficulties.)

Neva said...

I don't ride horses but this is a lovely one.

imac said...

Hi Gerald, nice shot and horse n rider.
If you want some great shots come to Belton House this weekend.Horse jumping.

Lizzy said...

I wish I could ride up there, the view would be really good, we're too flat here in Dorset.

Sonia said...

Nice photo! The tree on this picture is gorgeous.

Charlotte said...

omg thats my friend does she even know that shes on this website? nyou should ask people first her horse could get nicked now.
I hope you happy xxxx

Hyde DP said...

Dear Charlotte - The horse is being ridden in a public place. I do not have to ask the rider's permission to take a photograph. Why on earth should anyone wish to steal her horse? Certainly not because there is picture here which only shows that such a horse was at a particular place at a particular time. No-one interested in stealing the horse has received any information that would assist them to accomplish such a task. Please do not be paranoid.

Lizzy said...

I fully support your reply Gerald, as you know my horse is all over the internet on various websites,and although I do appreciate that horse stealing is big business, I don't think that a picure appearing on a blog would mean that that horse is going to go missing from its field - wherever that may be!

Charlotte with fergus said...

Hi Charlotte with ted (if your online!) Im writing this at 15 mins past 6pm :P I think abi wants to come out with us on sunday because the weathers better, thats if we do, i think saturday would be better because its not defo, but we r more likley to ride,,, what do you think of the pic ay?? cheak lizzie and hyde dp, whoever they are, its got nothing to do with them , its your horse and my friends horse so they can stuff thier in my face comments, I dont care, I dont know them! they can stuff it, anyway id tell them to take the picture of, its your decition, your horse. (well,,) from charlotte with fergus, write a reply and comment as name/url and i'll cheak the messages lator for a reply :)

Hyde DP said...

Dear Charlotte

This photograph was published here back in March and was taken much earlier.

If you ride a horse in a public place then it is not an offence for anyone to take a photograph and publish it.

Now 8 months later you are making a fuss. Until now it was just a picture of a horse and rider on Werneth Low. I have not identified either horse nor rider. You are the one bringing it to the attention of people.

There are nearly a 1000 photos on this blog of all manner of things. A photo of something in a public place is very rarely the precursor to a crime.

It is highly unlikely that any potential horsetheif is scouring my pictures for something to steal, because for one thing something moveable probably isn't there any longer.

In the unlikely event that a horse was stolen the first thing the police would ask for would be "are there any photos of the horse?" - not because the photo might have helped the thief but because it might help indentify the horse to potential buyers as stolen - and then they would be wanting the high-res original picture not the low-res one published here.

Nia said...

Hi HydeDP I think you should go up the low again and take more pictures of horses because I saw the horse in this picture the other day , it was with a beautiful brown and white pony and they were galloping up a hill, I thought "What a brilliant picture that would make" I googled it to see if thier was a picture of the fabulous two horses, and their was just the one of them, Just one looks great but both of them galloping up the low looked great, I see them alot, almost every time I go up..they seem nice enough, if you ask them they might gallop up just so you can take a picture! People love looking at pictures of horses, you should take one of horses on stockport road.

Becky-May said...

you should have a file just for horses people like looking at them and there are loads around the hyde area x

FergusPhoto said...

Hi- are you going to take anymore horse pics?
That pic is of my friend who I ride with :D
people would love more horse pics :D

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