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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Milk Bottles

Do you still have your milk delivered, come rain, or shine, or snow?

More importantly, do you rinse and return the bottles. I used to pop ours in the dishwasher until we had a note from the milkman saying we shouldn't. It seems the chemicals in dishwasher detergent does something to the glass and they have to be thrown away.


Annie said...

I don't know of any place that delivers milk in Little Rock. But now that you mention it, I need to go the grocers to pick up a gallon.

Kate said...

I thought that milk delivery was a thing of the past. Fond memories! During winter months I would try to beat everyone in the morning to get to zzlvcthe bottles first because the frozen cream would have pushed out of the top, and I would skim it off and pop it into my mouth. Heaven!!

dot said...

I haven't heard of milk delivery since the 1960's and even then it was in cartons and not bottles. Some folks collect the bottles now if they can find them.

Aigars Bruvelis said...

Thanks for the feedback I will see what I can do.

About the bottles - they remind me of soviet times - reusable bottles ONLY - I think soviets were quite efficient in a way

Ming the Merciless said...

I never seen milk in bottles delivered except in movies.

But they do sell fresh milk in old fashion bottles like these at green markets.

Aigars Bruvelis said...

This is Aigars by the way - there are two of us working RDP blog:D:D:D

Old Wom Tigley said...

We give up last year Gerald when our local milkman left. I worked for a while at United Cooprative Dairy's on Broadway for a while bottling milk.
I have also done the round for our milkman while he had his hoildays.. saying that I drove the float while the lads did all the running about.
I was amazed by what they remembered about each street we went on.. it was a blur of activity behind me, different bottles to each house, some had eggs, one or two would have bread, cheese and cream to another. Also an array of juices. Potatoes.. then there was saving stamps for Chrismas Hampers. All in all I think milkmen are a bonus to any house.. You have made me feel very guilty for not finding another one and buying our milk fron the shops.

Anonymous said...

Those look very much like the bottles our milk came in during the war. Except that was before our milk was processed so the cream floated and settled on top and the glass bottles had a bulge there for that. It has a little cardboard stopper that used to pop up if the milk froze. It popped the cream up and the little cardboard stopper was on top like a cap. Those were the days without an icebox.

I wanted to describe the White Porcelain Duck I photographed this morning. I did put a picture of it on my Birds Blog as it is a new species I think.

April said...

No, we don't have milk delivered here neither rolls. Though we Germans are rather 'good' to the environment we don't have glass bottles in the supermarket where I go.

Deslilas said...

Charles Trenet has a fine song about the milk delivery "Débit de lait, débit de l'eau". I'll see if some one has post a video.

Deslilas said...

Only the words of this fabulous song

Débit de l'eau, débit de lait

Paroles: Charles Trenet & Francis Blanche. Musique: Charles Trenet & Albert Lasry 1943
© Editions Salabert 1943


1 - Dans ma rue, y a deux boutiques
Dans l'une on vend de l'eau dans l'autre on vend du lait
La première n'est pas sympathique
Mais la seconde en revanche où l'on vend du lait l'est
Et c'est pour ça que tous les passants
La montrent du doigt en disant

Ah qu'il est beau le débit de lait
Ah qu'il est laid le débit de l'eau
Débit de lait si beau débit de l'eau si laid
S'il est un débit beau c'est bien le beau débit de lait
Au débit d'eau y a le beau Boby
Au débit de lait y a la belle Babée
Ils sont vraiment gentils chacun dans leur débit
Mais le Boby et la Babée sont ennemis
Car les badauds sont emballés
Par les bidons de lait de Babée
Mais l'on maudit le lent débit
Le lent débit des longs bidons du débit d'eau de Boby
Aussi Babée ses bidons vidés
Elle les envoie sur le dos de Boby
Et Boby lui répond
En vidant les bidons
Les bidons d'eau de son débit et allez donc
Les bidons d'eau de son débit et allez donc.

2 - Dans ma rue y a un mariage
Celui du beau Boby et de la belle Babée
Les voilà tous deux en ménage
Le débit d'eau épouse le grand beau débit de lait
Ils ont repeint leur boutique en blanc
Et chacun dit en y allant

Ah qu'il est beau le débit de lait
Ah quel palais le débit de l'eau
Débit de lait si beau, débit de lait palais
S'il est un débit beau c'est bien le beau débit de lait
Boby a mis du lait dans son eau
Et la Babée de l'eau dans son lait
Ils ont enfin compris que leurs débits unis
Font le plus grand le plus joli des beaux débits
Et les badauds sont emballés
Par les bidons de lait de Babée
Oui mais Boby garde pour lui
Les deux plus beaux bidons de lait de la Babée jolie
Et maintenant si vous y alliez
Vous entendriez de joyeux babils
De deux beaux bébés blonds
Qui font tomber d'un bond
Tous les bidons d'eau et de lait de la maison
Tous les bidons d'eau et de lait de la maison.
Ils se battent à coups de beaux bidons
Chez Boby et chez Babée et allez donc.

Deslilas said...

Here the link to a short video of Charles Trenet singing "Débit de l'eau, débit de lait"

Lizzy said...

Two memories in this photo for me Gerald, the first one is that my dad also used to work at the UCD along with Tom and also I used to live in Hazel Grove and used to have milk from Jacksons. We too don't have a milkman and I feel guilty about it, but they just leave the milk too late - we have to leave home by 7.20 in the morning to sort the old horse out

d. chedwick bryant said...

I had dairy products delivered until 1998. We only have one dairy left that still delivers.

d. chedwick bryant said...

I don't own a dishwasher--I am the dishwasher!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I used to work in a brewery(free beer) and the bottles went through a bottle washer that used caustic soda prior to being refilled.
We can still get milk in glass bottles here but not delivered, just at the supermarket, we get our milk in plastic jugs, the use by date is about 15 days from buying, we dont have that milk that lasts a long time here like in UK.
Snowing outside today.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I remember when a horse and cart used to deliver milk.

• Eliane • said...

I would love to have my milk delivered. I don't think it still exists outside of the UK. And here, finding milk in glass bottles is not that frequent.

Web-OJ said...

We buy them in carton packs in Kuwait.

Nikon said...

Here in Providence, RI we have at least 2 companies that deliver glass bottles of milk & orange juice ( & eggs, butter, pastries). They pick up the empties on the next visit.
It's kinda' neat :)

Liberty, NY said...

poor chedwick! at least he gets his dairy products delivered. meow!

Dick said...

Great photo, we don't have milk delivery since a long time ago. It's only in cartons in the supermarket. But the some farmers sell milk fresh from the cow, but most people don't like that.

NorthBayPhoto said...

No milkmen and no glass milk bottles, but I think it would be wonderful to return to that. (I also thought milk tasted better from a glass container).

Lara said...

no milk delivery here, we just buy it from the store. nice bottles!

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