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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Herons' Roost

I took this picture on the edge of Hyde a few weeks ago. Some herons are roosting in the tree.


Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

That's a pretty dense tree. I was able to see the heron after clicking on the pic.

Thanks for the 2 links about taking pics of the bad roads and "traffic-calming". I read it on the same day but did not get a chance to reply till today. I think our newspaper got the idea from there (or similar other newspapers) because I have noticed it since last year (including pics in the paper). I can understand that some people are jaded about this pics thing because they have not seen old problems fixed yet (judging from the stinging comment about the pics of old problems being in black and white). But it seems that at least there is some accountability if they want to post the pics both before and after the repair. The "traffic-calming" thing is a bit strange because, although I can understand them not wanting others to use your streets, they are punishing the locals as well by not fixing the problem.

One thing I am learning from DP is that some problems seem to be universal, and not very specific to this part of the world as I had assumed. So, my perspective is definitely changing. Thanks for sharing.

In related news, I read recently that some youngsters in India have got tired of waiting for authorities to fix the potholes so they have formed groups and are trying to fix it themselves, even spending their own money. Seeing their example, youngsters from other cities are joining hands and carrying out repairs in their own cities. Also, I read that someone in India has experimented and found that they can recycle plastic bags and mix them with something (bitumen?) to fill up the holes, and apparently this is providing better surfaces.

Deslilas said...

Soon we'll have a tale about City heron and field heron as La Fontaine wrote about rats.

Old Wom Tigley said...

I think the Heron nest there gerald, I was down there again a few weeks back and I think there were 5 herons on and around that tree.
I was at my friends house last week at the bottom of Gee Cross... the Herons had wiped a pond out of Carp... over £400 woth of fish..
and I thought 'Kongs Chippy' was dear for a fish supper. ;o)

Dusty Lens said...

I have heard herons roost in trees, but have never seen them in a tree, until now. I think they need a dense tree to hold their weight.

By the way, I have taken a bust stop pic for you to compare with your bust stop sign.

Jilly said...

Gorgeous tree - and bird. Nice shot.

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