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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Path to Apethorn Mill

This picture by guest photographer Tom Wigley is of a footpath that leads off Apethorn Lane, down to the river Tame, past the site of Apethorn (aka Gee Cross) Mill.

When the mill boiler blew up it landed here!

A picture of the explosion is on Old Hyde.


Meg in Nelson said...

This looks sooooooo English!

Lynette said...

I'm curious. How old is the path? Did it start out level with the ground on both sides of it?

lorenzothellama said...

Thanks for you comments. The writing has corrected itself since I distructed the photo of my family! Not too sure about all the whys and wherefores! Now my 'comments' word has disappeared!

I used to go riding at Godley Stud by the way!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Lynette: If you would like to see more about this path way and it's history please nip over to Wiggers World , where I have done a few posts about this area.

GiuCe said...

a misterious road!!!

Neva said...

A lovley looking path regardless of the explosion blowing a boiler off it!

Seda said...

Woow, this is wonderful place. I would so love to visit this place it is like a novel-like, mysteries-look road to me.

Mike said...

A nice shot. Moody with atmosphere. Brings the imagination alive.

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