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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ironwork Shelter

This is a close-up of the ironwork shelter above the seat by the Post Office.

The PO is now the only Crown Post Office left in Tameside. Hyde is probably quite fortunate that it doesn't have a branch of W.H.Smith's in the town.


Jules said...

Looks like a photo Eric might have taken in Paris - very ooh, la, la!!!

Neva said...

You have a nice eye for different things! Thanks for the inclusion.

Monica said...

Thanks a lot for you comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the picture!

Shorty said...

Nice. I'll have to take a shot of some of the work on our public bus shelters. It's no where near as nice as this, but interesting none the less.

Jess said...

Lovely ironwork - its nice to see something beautiful used in a civic setting.

Thanks for leaving the comment at my blog, I am enjoying your photos and spending too much time following links on your sidebar!

blueboat said...

this is lovely - I agree with Jules - it looks very parisian.

cluelessinboston said...

Nice photo. I agree with abraham lincoln about the ironwork and glass. It is a personal favorite of mine as well. We have some new bus/trolley shelters in Boston and I was just thinking the other day about taking some photos of them and after seeing your picture, I think I will. Thanks for the inspiration and also for visiting my blog.

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