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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Booth's Well 2007

The theme for the 2007 Gee Cross Well Dressing was All Things Bright and Beautiful. The weather last Sunday was atrocious so I missed the ceremony and took this picture on Monday.

You can follow these links to Booth's Well 2006 and Booth's Well 2004 or see my account and photos of the Gee Cross Well Dressing 2006.

I'll show a couple of other wells from this year later on.


Neva said...

Ahhh James favorite vet and how I think of England(having never been there)-- what a beautiful piece! Very colorful.

Annie said...

The sign is certainly bright and beautiful.

Jules said...

I agree Neva - us animal lovers adored that show!!I wish it was still playing. Does anyone have it on cable???

Nice sign - so cheerful and eye-catching!!!!

travelphilippines said...

yes indeed its all beautiful.

Hyde DP said...

Hey Neva and Jules -- I think you are confusing "All Things Bright & Beautiful" with "All Creatures Great & Small".

The first is an old hymn which includes the line taken as the title of the books [and later the film and TV adaptations] by James Harriot.

I've got all the books in paperback. I think there was a couple of films made and then a TV series which was tremendous fun. I think these may be available on DVD from the BBC.

KAZ said...

I'm surprised it's survived after the downpours recently.

Neva said...

Thanks for clarifying!...(one of the reasons I love visiting different places....) I did go back and read more....a nice custom. (I still like the Harriot series, though!)

Jilly said...

How fascinating. Love the colours, such fun. Great idea. I love these traditions.

Ame said...

Nice shot Gerald!

So colorful & cheery...think you guys need some cheering up after all the rain, right?

Might need me to visit and bring No Cal sunshine again huh?

Have a good one!

Cadence said...

This is the most beautiful booth I ever seen so far, so full of life, I would like to put a note on the booth" you make me feel happy today" he he he

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