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Friday, June 08, 2007


The man seen here was working on the roof of a row of shops.

The premises underneath were empty for about eighteen months. Since then a pet-shop has moved in. Previously it had been a computer shop but the less said about that the better.


Jenny said...

Hey Gerald, I have a question about the list of links you've been maintaining - I had been using the drop-down links but the non-daily list wasn't up to date anymore so I decided to use your list from the portal - you wrote that you wont be updating it anymore but that it will be on your own site - I couldn't find it though... is it up yet? THANKS!

Ackworth Born said...

Hi Jenny

No I won't be posting to the forum anymore a list that people can just copy.

My website Around the World now has information on more than 500 sites and shows which are still actively posting.

The website has a supporting blog where updates to the website are posted.

On Hyde DP itself, I propose to keep a static list of "newish blogs" as I do now. The current long list will probably be replaced by some sort of "favorites" list but I've yet to decide about that.

"Huge" static lists are probably now too cumbersome to be incorporated on to most blogs. Many blogs are supplementing the dynamic CDPB drop-down menu of links with a shorter static list of their "favourites". My new ATW site and blog between them should provide information to enable blog authors to select which others they want to include on their own site.

Lavenderlady said...

I am amazed how some people can work above the ground. I get vertigo.

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