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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Willow Wood Hospice

This charity shop next door to The Queens supports the Willow Wood Hospice.


Gail's Man said...

I love visiting charity shops. Some though are getting quite greedy now with the prices they try and charge. Hope Willow Wood isn't one of them.

KAZ said...

I buy nearly all my books from a Willow Wood charity shop (not the one in Hyde).
I agree with Gail's man about lots of the charity shops. As clothes in the new shops get cheaper - they are getting dearer.
But not Willow wood - if it doesn't sell quickly it's down to 50p.
Love that green colour.

Dsole said...

i guess they do a great thing for the community.. but i don't like that green ;)

Dsole said...

by the way, gerald, I've seen your Tneerife photos and they are really great! i don't know la Gomera yet. It's such a diferent place uh?
greeting from Madrid, have a great day!

kris said...

charming little place!

julia said...

Opp Shops are enticing and would agree that the prices are climbing too high. Willow Wood is evocative and nice alliteration.

April said...

A wonderful old little shop - at least it seems so with its turquoise colour. It reminds me of Paris.

Nathalie said...

I enjoy browsing through charity shops too. This one looks very charming!

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