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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bottle Bank

Recycling is high on the environmental-friendly agenda of many people. Here is a view of some of the bottles ready for collection in Asda Car Park.

These are near the Shoe bins.


Martin said...

Trouble is, they're almost always full. The only time you can get anything in them (especially the red plastic bins) is when they've just been collected.

They're a great idea, they could just do with providing more of them.

lynn said...

I nearly took a similar photo today! Yours was better though. I don't use enough bottles to warrant a trip really, though i do put them in when i have them (into a neighbour's box as i don't have one).

riniroo said...

I wish we had recycling here in Houston. They are all about recycling in Austin yet we can't get it started in the Bayou City. It seems that each specific neighborhood has to all agree and push to have a program implemented. Thanks for the visit to my blog!

kris said...

but why is there no cover for this particular bin?

for us, the plastic bottle bin is the one which is spilling full

Anonymous said...

I like your photograph. It reminded me that I need to put the trash out today.

We also have recycling here in Brookville where I live. We set out a blue plastic box and inside would be the cans and plastic and paper products to be recycled. The city actually pays the company to collect it, and, the company also makes money when they sort and sell the things for recycling.

It is pouring down rain here where I live. I took some rainy day photographs yesterday that are very unusual. You might be interested in seeing them.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Sally said...

Do you have home pick up for recyclables? We have 2 rubbish bins - one for non recyclables and a larger one for recyclables - paper, bottles, plastics - they all go in together and are separated at the recycling plant.

Gerald England said...

martin there is an almost empty one next to it.

lynnsee my reply to sally below

rinirooit'll be coming your way I bet

kris good question -- with bins of this size I suspect the lids are heavy and hard for individuals to use: at one time they had closed bins and you put the bottles through a large hole in the side.

abraham & sally I posted about the home-collected bins in October: see

There is talk in the UK about councils reducing collections from weekly to fortnightly and charging people if they throw out excessive amounts.

April said...

They make a fine photo.

The Wizard of D said...

Hey.... we in Dubai has still haven't done a good job of recycling. Some of the schools have started some interesting projects and some of the areas in town have separate bins for diff type of waste.

Hopefully we will go big on this in the near future.

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