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Monday, March 05, 2007

Flying in over the trees

A number of previous photos here have included Manchester Airport bound planes flying over the town.

This time I decided to make a more deliberate feature of the aircraft itself.

Yesterday, several DPs had photos of the lunar eclipse seen over much of Europe. My photos and links to the others can be seen on my Ackworth born blog.


Ame said...

Fun shot Gerald! I was so caught up in the beautiful blooooooooo sky contrasted against the almost-black branches that I ALMOST missed the PLANE!

OOOOOPS! Guess that means I'd still be in the UK doesn't it? DARN! Wish I WAS! LOL! ;)

Have a wonderful week!

How about another pub shot...just can't seem to get enough of them...probably cuz we didn't get to hang OUT in one! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Blue of the sky is most beautiful colour, it has been so rare during last four months here and today the sky is again covered dark grey clouds, snow is white and everywhere :)
Nice time to you!

lynn said...

Oooh really lovely Spring shot. Beautiful blue, Gerald.

isabella said...

Looks like our Florida sky ;-)

kalyan said...

A very well captured shot!

Kate said...

This is a lovely photo. Shots like this, tho, always makes me catch my breath because of 9/11. Irrational, but can't seem to shake those images.

blueboat said...

great shot - the plane looks like a bird in the tree!

Steve said...

I like this one!

Bleeding Orange said...

Good shot. I don't know why I missed it a few days ago when you posted it. I like it!

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