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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Steel-shutter Artwork

When I first noticed this, I thought it was some graffitti, but it would appear to be the work of a true artist. It is painted on the steel shutters of this barber's shop on Market Street.


Chris & Deb said...

Sort of like Edward Scissorhands....but sort of not.
Interesting to be sure!

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

Does he still do 'Short back and Sides.

When I was in Bolton last year, I was surprised to see that every single shop has shutters when they are closed, never see them over here

KAZ said...

What an excellent idea. I see that it is based on the subject of the barber.
I wonder what someone would paint for your sexy underwear shop.

julia said...

What makes a true artist? graffiti projects are used here sometimes, some are good.

isabella said...

Lol, looking closely at the sign, would my hair be considered "American of European descend"?

The Toronto Team said...

I love barbershops and graffiti too, and you've managed to combine the two. Great photo.

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