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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Borough Arcade

As Lynn remarked recently
"Finding a NHS - National Health Service - dentist to treat your pearly whites in the UK at the moment is like pulling teeth"

My dentist is housed in the middle storey of this building on the right-hand side of Borough Arcade, and I'm off this morning for a check-up. So long as you visit him twice a year, you'll remain registered.

The upper storey houses a gymnasium and the ground floor is occupied by a shop selling stationery, art & craft supplies and cheap printer ink.


Oya said...

Going to Dentist? Last time I was sitting on that chair was 5 years ago....

Chuckeroon said...

Wrong....NHS dentists are even rarer than hen's teeth!!!

KAZ said...

We used to be frightened to visit the dentist.
Now we are frightened that he won't let us visit.

maggie said...

Well said Kaz.

The stationers in the Arcade is one of the few shops I now use in Hyde. It is a wonderland of anything paper and the printer ink is is fab. Even photos come out brilliently, providing the photographer has done it right.
No I don't work for the shop lol.

RuneE said...

I hope all went well - give him my regards next time!

John Hardman said...

The useful little craft shop on the right-hand side of this view (latterly 'Angie's Crafts') closed in 2015.

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