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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Queen Adelaide

The Queen Adelaide is on Stockport Road in the centre of Gee Cross opposite Sam Redfern Green.

In this other photograph taken at Gee Cross Fete 2004 you can see it to the left of Steve Bennett's rocket.


Ame said...

So what exactly IS the Queen Adelaide Gerald? A restaurant? Inquiring minds wanna know! ;-)

Gerald England said...

oops, and there I thought it was obvious -- it's a pub [public house, inn, hostlery, licensed premises]. No it isn't a restaurant; I've not been in for a long time but as far as I know they only do food on special occasions, like the Fete. It has a big TV screen and regularly show football matches from satelite.

KAZ said...

I just Googled 'Queen Adelaide' to find out who she is/was.
You live and learn.
I'll have to pop round for a swift half one day.

Jing said...

the name of the building is interesting.
it seems people like to use the name of a person to name some are the same.

have a nice weekend.

lizzy said...

This is where my grandfather used to drink in the 1940's and 50's. It has had quite a bad reputation in the past, but I believe that it has just recently cleaned up it's act and you cannot go in with jeans or work clothes on. It is the only pub that I haven't been in in Gee Cross

Jazzy said...

that's a great looking pub, very well maintained.

Ame said...

A British pub? FUN! I wanna go! But oh NO! No jeans allowed? RATS! That's my "trouser" of choice...can't say "pants" I've learned...different article of clothing! LOL! ;-)

jonemo said...

Seems like over in California the concept of the British pub is not so well known ;) I'm currently working on getting some money to pop over to there to check out what they have to replace the public house!

Round the corner from my house is also a "Queen Adelaide". I'll take a picture once I'm back to London in the new year...

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