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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Firemen Washing Cars

Last Saturday there were four fire engines in the Asda carpark.

The fireman were washing cars. I've still not figured out why.

A public-relations exercise perhaps?

This is the kind of thing usually done by scout groups and the like to raise funds.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

My car is so dirty. I'd love to find some one to wash it (other than me!) :)

freckled-one said...

I'd certainly contribute to a cause to watch fireman wash my car. Hehe

kaa said...

does look strange.. firemen washing cars. were they tryin to raise funds for some charity..

Vancouver Daily Photo said...

Most of these are charity car washes. I am much more likely to stop for a fireman or a policemen and hand over a healthy contribution. These guys are smart!

gail marie said...

I'm fairly sure it was to raise money for the firemans benevolent fund, they was an article in the advertiser about it, they do this every year.

Shutter said...

It was indeed for the Firemens Benevolent Fund, they have some sort of home near Arnside for recuperation. Naturally this provision preceded the NHS and is therefore redundant.

There are many in the service who are not in agreement with raising charitable donations for such a selective service.

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