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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Fancy some fish and chips while in Hyde? Then look no further than Bosuns. Whilst other cafes in the town seem to have come and gone, this has been here for as long as I've known.

Up until about 11.30 they do breakfast and then they start on the fish and chips. It may be because they chip their own potatoes instead of using frozen ones, or it could be the oil/fat they fry in, but their taste is the best I've ever eaten outside Yorkshire.

They do mushy peas too!


KAZ said...

And just imagine how hungry the punters upstairs will be feeling as they improve their tan and smell fish and chips.

Meg said...

Real chips. Do they have pineapple rings, too?

Oleanderman said...

Mushy peas! And battered sausages. Ok, now I'm hungry...

Gerald (SK14) said...

battered sausages -- how revolting -- not quite as bad as the deep-fried Mars Bars you can get up Scotland.

No you wouldn't find Bosuns wasting batter on sausages -- only the fish get battered.

I think they do the so-called jumbo sausages at lunch and teatime, but smaller ones for breakfast.

Anonymous said... there a low carb version of that?

Anonymous said...

We have only one reliable fish & chip place in my neighborhood (it is called The Chip Shop), and I'm saddened to report that not only do they serve deep-fried Mars bars, they also invented (yes, they are responsible) the deep-fried Twinkie, deep-fried pizza and deep-fried macaroni & cheese.

However, I've never tasted any of those items and they do serve mushy peas and a nice piece of plaice.

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