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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Harrop Edge

Harrop Edge as seen from Garnett Road.

Hidden from view, behind the building on the left, is the terminal roundabout of the M67.

The A57 is on the other side of the hedge, and leads down to Mottram Junction.

Plans for a bypass around Mottram, Hollingworth and Tintwistle from the roundabout have been drawn up and hotly debated for more than thirty five years. If it ever does get built, those green fields will look somewhat different.


Tash said...

I thought I recognized the road before. I like it very much - again. I was in mostly southern England last year, flew into Gatwick from France & loved seeing the hedges around the farms & fields. So classically English.

RuneE said...

That kind of debate is well known. Looking at the green fields, I would say: let de debate continue for another 35 years.

James said...


You do not live round here. The traffic is an absolute nightmare!

it is interesting to see the amount of Ragwort that the council is letting grow there. No wonder we have pulled up trailerloads so far this year. The seeds are windblown. Our stables is around 1/2 mile away from where this picture is taken.

Ashtonian said...

The sooner they build it the better.
What an absolute bottle neck the A57 is after the roundabout.
It was a sunny Sunday last December and I was on my way to visit my sister in Glossop. Jean and I had travelled from Burnley. The journey from this picture to Glossop took longer than the journey from Burnley to this picture.

If the train timetable was the same as in the 1970's then we would have took the train.

Christina S said...

My great uncle, whose surname was Harrop, used to have a good friend in Hyde. But he lived in Romiley. Didn't know there was a place called Harrop Edge!

Unknown said...

My grandparents the Ollerenshaws lived in a house there called Harrop Edge sadly the house was pulled down because it did not have electricity or running water. Apparently some of the house was sent to America but I don't know if this was true. I used to love staying there as a child.

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