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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bridal Gowns and Gasmen

As reported last week Major Road Works due to gas-main replacement is taking place in Market Street.

Much earlier I had also shown you the empty premises vacated by the gentleman's outfitters Montague Burton. The men have gone and the women have taken it over in the form of a Bridal Warehouse.

As to why one of the workmen has draped his donkey-jacket over a cone, I'm sorry I haven't a clue.


Unknown said...

Not a very romantic name for a wedding shop, unless it's a warehouse chock a block with brides waiting for a groom to come along and pick one!

AVCr8teur said...

This looks like a happy block with wedding dresses and a party store.

KAZ said...

The only shops that seem to doe well in Tameside are Bridal shops and tanning parlours.

Kim said...

Geral, Well, since it's a bridal shop it puts me in mind to wish you a happy one week anniversary of your second anniversary of Hyde Daily Photo. I don't know how I missed the big day, but I wanted to send congratulations on to you and best wishes for a fun third year of blogging about Hyde. You've accomplished so much and added the historical blog and the chronicle of photo blogs site. I've appreciated all your invaluable help and suggestions that have benefitted the rest of us in the CDPB community. You're a peach! Three cheers as you embark on your third year!
Seattle Daily Photo

Kim said...

Ooops, I'm typing too fast. . .please add a "d" to your name for me, will you? :-)

RuneE said...

Maybe he has gone in to change?

Maria Verivaki said...

must have been a hot day in hyde!

Ben Nakagawa said...

"The men have gone and the women have taken it over..."
Thanks for comment in my sketchbook.
The shadow you pointed must be a shadow of another cloud which is not in the pic.

Bobby D. said...

the picture is delightful. love the jacket draped on the cone and the names of the shops-- Bear and Ball?
Here in NY we have The Dress Barn which sells cheap clothes & gets a lot of "cow" jokes.

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