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Saturday, January 19, 2008

M67 looking East

Looking East along the M67 from the footbridge near Morrisons.

In the top left hand-corner is St Pauls Church. That picture was taken from here using my zoom.

The website Pathetic Motorways has very interesting details on how the M67 was originally conceived as a section of much longer motorway route from Manchester to Sheffield. The site also has a series of photos by Chris Marshall, taken in 2003 from a driver's perspective.

It seems we are no longer a lone voice in the NW. Hyde DP has now been joined by two neighbours. Joe is showing daily photos of Manchester and Martin is photographing Ashton-under-Lyne. Maybe we will all meet one day by the banks of the Tame.


marley said...

If only all motorways were as quite as this one looks!

Bobby D. said...

marley is right--this is the kind of "traffic" one likes to see before hopping on a freeway, motorway, turnpike, quickway, autobahn, or dual carriageway (there I have listed most of the name of "super roads" I have driven on! ) Always a tourist, I tended to hit the English motorways when there wasn't much traffic anyway.

Bobby D. said...

My biggest memory of driving through England is the sky--all the variety of weather I drove through! BEAUTIFUL!

Nikon said...

I agree that it looks nice because there is so litle traffic!

imac said...

Seems to be all going on in Hyde.
Hope theres a pub there when you all meet

Neva said...

It certainly doesn't look very busy. Is it always so empty? Nice shot.

Ashtonian said...

Yes? well wait till you get to the end of the motorway at Hattersley.
Then it's single lane traffic till the M1. That's how it was for us Dec 23rd, 2007. We did enjoy it!

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