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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Super Market Sign

There aren't many vantage points from which you can see the whole of this sign.

You can see the building on this earlier picture. The front has an Art Deco facade which also carried the words Super market, but it is very faded.

Towards the back is an elevated section with a steep pitched roof. This sign is on the other side of overlooking Borough Arcade.

Originally a cinema. It was never a supermarket in the Asda/Morrisons sense but was more like an indoor market with a host of different traders. The top floor used to house one of the best cafes in town. Now only the bottom floor is used and it is home to a discount store that sells all kinds of things, but you can never be sure what you'll find there.


marley said...

Is the demise of that sort of market a sign of the times? Get it...SIGN of the ti...oh, never mind! ;)

Nikon said...

I really like that building and the sign!
It looks like an old cinema, too.
Nice shot.

Anonymous said...

And it was opened as a supermarket in the 60's by none other than Morecambe and Wise!

KAZ said...

This one now says 'Super Mare' - horse trading?
Or did you take it on holiday in the West?

Tom said...

I've got to agree about the Cafe.. it was certainly a good one.
I have many many memories from this building and the shops it held. I visited the cafe when I was at school, and carried on going there for years. As for the local traders I shopped at I hope when it shut they all did well.
I used the Wool shop, the Butchers, the Book shop, the Deli stall, The sewing stall, Record and the sweet stall. The lady who would mend your cloths got some work from me when I was working as a bouncers... my jacket was in her shop more than it was on my back.
I also remember the Big Scales at the bottom of the steps. My mum would have had the odd game of Bingo there as well. I remember they give tokens that could be spent on the stalls. When I was younger if mum came home with steak she had won on the bingo.. if she came home with pies... well I still enjoyed them as well. Ha!

We still shop here for certain good now Gerald, there's one or two bargains on the shelves at times.


Pat said...

Love it! I really like the sign!


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Chris said...

I do like this photo, Gerald. I, too, like photos of signs.

Oswegan said...

Nice one.


Lara said...

changes over the time. I've seen places transforming like this in Bucharest. my favourite clothing shop as a child is now a bank. oh, well... the times they are a'changin...

Squirrel said...

i love old signs like this.

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