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Monday, March 29, 2010

Station Road, Godley

This is Station Road at Godley leading to Godley Junction station as was.

Godley Junction was where electric traction gave way to diesel. Coal wagons enroute from the Yorkshire coalfields to Fiddlers Ferry had to change here. When the Woodhead route closed in 1981, Godley Junction had no rationale as a passenger station and was replaced by a new station simply named Godley, but pending formal closure proceedings was renamed Godley East and served by a handful of trains on weekdays to fulfil legal requirements.

You can see the marshalling yards at Godley Junction on Old Hyde and the new station at the other end of Station Road on Hyde DP Xtra.


Tom said...

This brings back memories Gerald... walk up that road to the cottages on the right. Two stories at the front 3 at the back.. These were built for the railway workers.. My uncle Burt worked on the railways and they had one of these cottages... This must take me back 45 or more years ago. I'm 52 this year... but the years just disapeared looking up the road... I can see the inside of their house now... and one room in their cellar was full coal... Uncle Burt was a guard on the coal wagons. I think he must have took some home to 'guard' it there.. ha!
The gate in your picture as an old train lamp on it which would make a good picture..

Ex Hydeonian said...

Quite wierd Gerald....was thinking today of a good school friend of mine who died way back in 1982. (RIP Phil).

He used to live in those cottages, his parents had knocked two into one and it was fairly huge. I often used to go and visit him there and remember you had to go up some stone steps to get to the kitchen.

Long time ago, but I am no where near as old as Tom! Ha! :)

Keith Hammond said...

My Uncle Bill Miller and my Aunt Ethel lived in one of those cottages in the 1940's. They had four sons, two who were killed in WWII and the others who's weddings I can remember. I loved visiting them and watching the trains. I recall there were tracks on both sides of their cottage. Uncle Bill was a guard for the railway. I vividly remember one or both my cousins taking me to see a troop train that was paused for some reason at the station at the top of the road. It was filled with American servicemen. Must have been around 1944.

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