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Saturday, September 13, 2008

September Answer

The answer to last weeks quiz is a Gas Holder.

It is part of Broad Mills Heritage Site in Broadbottom.

Broadbottom Mills were originally a collection of several textile works established by William and George Sidebottom in the early 1800s employing 1,200 people by 1860.

The mills closed during the cotton famine of the 1860s but re-opened in the 1870s under new management. The name was changed to Broad Mills in the early 20th century. The mills suffered during the 1930s depression and fire damage in 1949 resulted in their final demolition.

A program of excavation and conservation carried out since the 1980s has revealed a number of key elements within the mill complex. These include the late 19th century gasholder (built between 1872 and 1896), the sluices and channels which fed the water-wheels of the early spinning mills and the remains of an engine house of the 1830s.

Today's photograph shows the water culverts which led into a shed housing a water-wheel.

The area is part of Etherow Country Park.

Thanks to all who tried to guess what it was. I expected some (like chadders and outhouse) to go for a railway turntable as I've shown something similar before. My favourite wild guess is babooshka's elephant's birthing pool and if she lets me know (privately) her mailing address I'll send her a wee prize.


Ashtonian said...

There is something about the natural stonework, it blends in quite nicely and seems to be so natural.

Now the area has reverted to its
pre industrial look.

Maria Verivaki said...

interesting bit of history - as ashtonian says, it's got a pre-industrial look

Jane Hards Photography said...

Oh thank you! I confess to being clueless to a rational explanation and went for the quirky. Interesting to see wht it actually used to be. I would never have come to that conclusion.

I am honoured to receive a little przie. That is too kind. Hotmail is down, but I will email adreess when it's up and running again. ow I am excited.

Mary said...

oh what beautiful old stonework! and it looks so wonderful with all the wildflowers in front of it -- great shot!

marley said...

I never would have guessed that!

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