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Monday, June 23, 2008

Dog Bowl outside the Newsagents

This is the newsagents next door to what used to be Gee Cross Post Office.

Like so many others, the PO is no more, though you can buy books of stamps at the newsagents. They offer other services too and whilst you can't take your dog inside, it can at least stop for a drink of water.


Anonymous said...

That is happening here, too. The PO is often sold to someone and they carry on as though nothing was different. Soon there will be nothing publicly owned.

Unknown said...

Quite a few local shops do that here too. It's one of the benefits of the small, independent retailer. I can't imagine Tesco's would ever think of doing something like that.

magiceye said...

the bowl of water for the dog is a thoughtful gesture.

Anonymous said...

Ah see there are still people out there that care. Does it encourage more dogs to pass by?
Oh you were so right about the gales! Small damage around here, but chaos at the rail stations due to the number of trains cancelled.

Kim said...

Gerald, I love your angle today. Lovely shot. This retailer with the water bowl scene could have been taken here in Seattle (but for the attractive wrought iron window grate--they never look so nice here).
Happy Monday!
Seattle Daily Photo

Jilly said...

Really nice when shops do this. Here, in France, you can take a dog into a restaurant and you always get given a bowl of water and often a treat for the dog too.

Susan said...

I love when I see a dog bowl outside a shop...says something about general kindess to others-customers or just passerbys.

angela said...

How thoughtful...I like the angle of the photo too.

Unknown said...

I hope they keep plenty of water out for the dog.

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