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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Looking Through Pipes

Remember that Stack of pipes I showed you recently.

They are probably well buried now but here is a look through one.


Rosie said...

When I saw the little photo in CDP I was curious to find out what the gold rings were I know.
Very artistic..nice :)

Anonymous said...

Crop that picture judiciously (mainly to take out the tat at the top) and you get a good score at any photographic comp judged by me!

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

enitharmon you mean perhaps like this

Maria Verivaki said...

optic fibre cables are being paid all over hania - the whole province has been dug up, our streets are dusty,m we bring it into our houses (i am sick of pipes)

Anonymous said...

Yes. The cropped one is really superior, Gerald, but wouldn't portray "the pipes" as well as it does the way you showed them in this post.

When I was smaller, during World War II, I got to see men, picking up large steel pipes about 30 feet long and about 18-24 inches in diameter and lay them in trenches and weld them together and now those are still used to deliver natural gas, under pressure, all the way from Texas to Ohio and beyond.

imac said...

Like your pipes Gerald. they are a pretty colour.:)).

Pop and see my water Vortex.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I am back and can now start to post again, I just have to sort out all my photos.
Since returning, I have been busy with all the weeds that sprung up in a one month absence.

Unknown said...

Interesting and nice post Gerald. I always wondered how these burried pipes looked like! Well! now I know... What a bright fluo color! Yeah! I won't need to digg ;-)
Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

marley said...

Two great photos! Love what you did with both.

Dick said...

The cropped picture is the best I least that is my opinion, nice shot.

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