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Saturday, February 09, 2008


According to Illuci
A serendipity is an unexpected result of a search for something you want to obtain ... You start with an image in mind of what you will get on your picture. Sometimes it's above expectation and you cry : "awesome!". Sometimes it's below expectation and you are disappointed. But incidentally it occurs that it's totally not what you had in mind, but it appears to be another kind of picture, but quite useful! Because:
  1. it contains an interesting element you overlooked while shooting the pic. Or,
  2. as in this case, when it appears to be an interesting abstract picture. I wanted to shoot a picture of the view from the bus during night, the shutter was open and the bus started, oh what a pity! I thought.
  3. you accidentally chose the wrong shutter time, white balance or DOF, and it's too late to restore, but afterwards the wrong settings appeared as good as, or even better than with the "right" settings.
I've always thought of serendipity as being a happy accident.

Happy or not, this picture results from an accident, which I recounted here in November. This was the last image taken with my old Fuji camera after it had become soaked with water. It was blurry and the water around the lens caused distortion. However after a bit of work in the software darkroom, I finally came up with this example of Serendipity.

Locals and regular visitors will still recognise the familiar clock-tower of Hyde Town Hall within this dadaist rendition.

Yesterday and today, a number of photobloggers on the aminus3 platform will be displaying their examples. Mine is on my Sithenah photoblog.


Nikon said...

It's a great shot - I think that the colors are what I like the most.

Uma por Dia said...

Cool. I have a few serendipity night photos and I didnt know it. I might explore it someday :)

Unknown said...

It's a good excuse for taking a shaky photo!! I can say that now, if my pictures don't always come out they way they should.

Thanks for your continued visits & comments. More Dubai photos now being served.

isa said...

Love it - looks a bit psychedelic ;-)

Did you salvage the camera?

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I like the Blackpool Tower pic.
I tried some long exposures of the full moon without a tripod and moved the camera around to get a white trail on a black background. will try again next full moon to improve the technique.

Bergson said...

true a painting this photograph

Tom said...

I thought 'Owd Josh' had fallen from the belltower when I first saw this Gerald... is Hyde ready for this new fangled type of picture taking ha!

Erik said...

Beautiful painting-like image, wonderful coloring and very expressive! Thanks for paricipating Sitenah!

imac said...

Gerald,This is one sort of photography ive become to like very much.
Its a great "abstact" to.
Love these colours, it really stands out from the crowd.
Great work.

Mac's Macro now showing.

Ham said...

I really like this. Most times I have an accident my foot ends up in the brown stuff.

Chuck Pefley said...

difficulties notwithstanding, this is an effective image. Thanks for sharing it ... and absolutely NO apologies necessary. The image stands on it's own merits!

Clement Hord said...

It is so surrealistic too!

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