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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas is Coming

The Christmas Lights were switched on in Hyde last night. I went down with the intention of soaking up the atmosphere and getting some pictures.

I alighted the bus at Clarendon Place and walked into the shopping centre. I felt something wet against my leg. The bottle of water in my bag had leaked. My camera, which was inside a bag within the bag, was wringing wet.

Several curses later I went out through the market. The street outside the Town Hall was closed and at one end was a stage and at the other various charity stalls and food stalls. A Father Christmas was driving around on a sleigh converted from a large mobility scooter. Some lasers were playing in front of the Town Hall.

I took this picture with my little Olympus point-and-shoot. It isn't much use in low-light conditions but I've messed about in paint-shop and I hope the result gives some idea of what it was like an hour before lighting-up time.

I didn't stay for the switch-on but got a bus back up home. Now my main camera has dried out, I think it is OK.


leo said...

hope camera is okay. christmas is indeed in the air. peace.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Christmas is indeed in the air. I am also dedicating my posts to Christmas. I hope your camera is ok.

Dick said...

Let's hope your camera is OK. Very special photo but I'm not sure of what I see.

Dick said...

I think the Panasonic DMC-FZ18 is a very nice camera and it has a strong zoom.

Tom said...

I was thinking about going down there, but thats about as far as I got, maybe if it was closer to the end of the month I would do..
I did how ever drive that way later now and saw the crowds of children with there parents all going there which was nice. I drove by later in the evening after visiting and the stage was still in front of the town Hall so I was diverted by Asda... it seemed to have bee a good night from what I was told today.

Hope the camera is all right.

Livio Bonino said...

Are always beautiful the Christmas light.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness - hope your camera survived its unscheduled soaking!

Suzi-k said...

Can you believe it is almost Christmas again? It seems to me this year has flown by impossibly fast! Hope the camera survives its swim

zakscloset said...

oh no! hope your camera's fine. i love the picture! can't wait to see all the christmas lightings in my neighbourhood.

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