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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Covered seat in Market Place

I recently posted a picture of the Canopy covering the seat in the Market Place.

Kaz asked if the Bradford & Bingley, visible in the background, was still going. It is and as far as I know the B&B is still a building society. This picture which shows the whole seat is taken from outside the B&B and now we have the Halifax in the background. That used to be a building society but is now a bank.

The seat itself is relatively modern and not actually attached to the shelter, so it is quite probable that the latter was originally a tram-stop shelter, but perhaps not quite in its present location.


astrobit said...

nice blog... cool to see other places and some info about them :)

• Eliane • said...

Very art d├ęco this canopy. Lovely!

CrazyCow said...

Looks so friendly and inviting.

KAZ said...

Funnily enough I saw B&B only a few days later. I may go and check them out as I'm fed up with banks - especially the one beginning with B that took over The Woolwich.

I love this shelter - nice enough to eat your sandwich on a sunny day. Or would the smokers congregate there?

Tom said...

I'd not noticed that the seat was not a part of it, and I have sat on there many times.
It is a very good seat to 'people watch' from. My only complaint is that sometimes theres an awful cooking smell from that equally awful 'Gabbatts'.

inspired said...

looks good ;o]

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Hyde,
Double benches, good for when there's not enough space, I like that design,when it was a Tram-stop shelter...

I'm just wondering :) when you're sitting on the wrong site,... You'll probably miss the tram :) haha!

Greetings JoAnn from Holland :)

Anonymous said...

What a charming shelter. Wish they were everywhere. Unfortunately, many of our bus stops lack shelters, so waiting for a ride sometimes involves standing in the rain or snow. Bless the shelter builders!

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