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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The theme among the Daily Photo fraternity today is a self-portrait in a favourite place.

I got someone to take a photo a few weeks ago but it was totally out of focus. This Saturday I tried taking one by holding the camera at arms length and shooting.

So here I am on a bench outside the Cotton Bale with my son Craig. I've only been in the Cotton Bale once, with Craig and his mum. They served a nice meal but it was a bit too crowded and noisy. However we understand Craig likes going there with his friends to eat.

Before you all comment, I should add that I've since visited the barber and had my beard trimmed!

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Jude said...

I'm not sure why, but I really like this photo. Maybe it's your skeptical sideways glance. :)

midnitebara said...

I like it too! Your beard id nice..soft and fluffy looking!!
say hello to your son for me!

have a nice day!

Just me said...

It's a great portrait.. serious and quirky.

Sally said...

Lovely pic - very playful.

Kris said...

hello Gerald and craig!

Marie McC said...

Craig looks like he's up to something. He's not writing a note on your back, is he???

edwin s said...

Love it! And what a joy to have your son Craig in the shot with you. Kudos Gerald!

Steve said...

All successful writers have beards. I hope you didn't trim yours too short.

Kathrine said...

This is a lovely photo - shows your family-side, too!
Nice one, Gerald!

Lisi said...

Gerald you have a real character face which reminds me of an actor, I can't remember the name though. good shot!

Denton said...

Was the wind blowing? I like the freckled-one's comment.

Nuno said...

Big hug to you and your son.
Gerald i don't like mustachios but beards are a completely different story.

Carol said...

Hahaha I like this a lot! It's funny how you're both looking away from the camera, like you're being watched and looking back. Fun!
Keep up the good work, Glasgow DP

jenni said...

I love father/son photos! I hope you enjoyed your day with your son

santy said...

what a cool picture! you should print this one and put it up on your wall :)

Kala said...

very nice job! u look great!

BarelyLiegl said...

I like your beard the way it was, it's very fluffy and nice.
The look on your face is funny... =)
Overall, great pic!

Run Around Paris said... seems you're very suspicious of something to your left. Or the camera got you at just the right moment - great photo!

Run Around Paris said...

BTW: There's a photo on our site of "La Mere Catherine," and in it, there's a guy who looks strikingly similiar to you - well, similiar to the 'you' in this particular photo. You'll have to let me know what you think.


Irredento Urbanita said...

what a lovely place. sometimes I think that a good place can be a person. sometimes my favorite is my family.

Greetings from PerĂº.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I hope Mattias is wrong because I am not entirely sure how I can grow a beard to become a successful writer. :)

Yeah, it is a great shot, full of character.

I missed the theme (again), but I am not sure I want to break my camera anyway! :)

Chris said...


I've just browse, being late, the 26 self portraits. What a super family that DP circus.

Thanks Ham, for that ultimate shot, a family sight, so touching, like the words you write.

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