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Monday, August 10, 2009

Caxton Door No More

Looking along the M67 from Clark Way. On the left you can see what remains of the Caxton Mill. Where the carved doorway was is a gaping hole.

This second image from Edward Street is from the opposite direction. In the background is the Town Hall. I've given this the "pencil" treatment.

There are more photographs of this stage in the demolition process on Hyde DP Xtra.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! I really liked that carved doorway and hope they can save it. Neat to see this from a different perspective and I like that pencil treatment. Makes it funky!

Lois said...

I've never seen the pencil treatment before. I like it!

GMG said...

Hi Gerald!
It's assumed that renovations imply demolitions, but sometimes it could be otherwise! Amazing «pencil» treatment...

Blogtrotter is now showing that Reykjavik is not entirely grey... ;)). Enjoy and have a fabulous week!

Tom said...

I can say now that all the stone work and fancy bits from this building will be salvaged and go to a 'reclaimed' yard and offered for sale... the slates will also be sold locally.
The door frame was a cracker with the works name on... I now wonder what will be going here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, great news, Tom! Glad to know that they could save that door. I hate for beauty to be wasted!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Sad to see the final demolition after following these posts but happy to read Tom's follow up about the reclamation. Some common sense prevailed then.

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