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Friday, April 03, 2009

Gee Cross Post Office

Post Office?

Well it was at one time. It closed about three years ago despite local protests and the farce of a so-called "consultation document" as inevitably the talk was one way only.

I don't know its history but the brickwork seems to tell a tale. The side wall clearly indicates the previous presence of a fire and a chimney. The absence of a chimney pot on the roof makes me suspect that the fire was removed at the time when the front room was converted for use as a Post Office.

There were always living quarters behind and above the P.O. By the time it reverted to a residence again, doubtless central heating obviated the need for a flued fireplace.

Across the road is Sweetie Corner.


Cezar and Léia said...

I love building like this (brickwork).
It's a pity about the old post office.Is the new one near?
Lovely colour in this picture.

Lois said...

The brickwork is very nice.

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Great photo. A lot of the smaller post offices seem to be closing down, very sad. What a cute name Sweetie Corner is. I wonder where that originated from? Linda

RuneE said...

At least they kept the post box. Interesting reading of the story.

Hilda said...

Lovely brickwork. It is a residence again now?

Don Wood said...

i LOVE THE UPPER STORY BRICKWORK IT IS UNUSUAL TO SEE A LAGE AREA oops of end on brickwork it looks good

imac said...

Make a grand pub.

Ashtonian said...

Well, I must say this looks like a very good quality building when you consider all the extra architectural features that you can see.

I would love to own and live in this building!

marley said...

My dad lives in the former Post Office of his village. The downstairs bathroom has metal railings at the windows - it used to be the Post Office!

Tom said...

I remember the fuzz about this closing Gerald... it was very well used and busy... and now the one at the bottom of Knott Lane as closed also.

I think the building would look so much better with a chimney... I hate these 'new builds' without chimney's.. they just do not look right.


Don Wood said...

i AGREE WITH tOM oops again I used to be a roof tiler and always wanted to write a book about chimneys and chimney pots

Georgina said...

i live here now :')

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