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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Autumn Chestnuts

Once more the chestnut trees have dropped their autumn harvest. Just like last year, broken husks were found scattered near the cemetery gates on Richmond Hill.

They inspired me to write a haiku which when added to a photograph produces a haiga which can be viewed at Autumn Haiku 2007

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Xana said...

This photo remember me the baked chestnuts that we can buy here in the street... and suddenly realized that we are not in summer anymore :(

xana(Figueira da Foz)

Neva said...

A Great does signal the end of a season and on to the next though!

Lynette said...

Poet, photographer--your talents speak well of you. About the chestnuts, I'll have to look at some photos I took the other day of a nearby tree. A passerby told Mama and me that it was a chestnut. If I have a good one, I'll put it online soon, to add to the chestnut line up.

Anonymous said...

A great shot. And I enjoyed the Haiga.
Planet Earth Daily Photo

Unknown said...

Autumn's on it's way. Don't think children are allowed to play with conkers at school anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerald,

Thanks for stopping by ADP and for the compliments on my moon photo. I would be happy to share the way I set up the camera and the shot if you are interested. I have not seen chestnuts in forever.... thanks!

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