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Thursday, August 16, 2007


If you walk from Newton (for Hyde) station into town, you'll go down Commercial Street.

Before you reach the entrance to ABC Wax and the footbridge over the motorway, you'll come to this tunnel which goes under the motorway and brings you out into Morrison's car park.

This was taken a few weeks ago. At the entrance to the tunnel was a large puddle of water maybe three inches deep. Along with other rubbish there were some pieces of discarded carpet which acted as stepping stones. It was very bleak and eerie so I probably won't come this way again.


Tom said...

Jane and I use it now and again Gerald, if I'm up for walking into Hyde we normaly walk this way. It's is smelly inside and used by skate boarders. One or two folk have been mugged around here so beware. I'll dig a picture out for you of what it was like down there when I was a young lad. The area was known as Cheapside, if it was 'Cheap' then it's certainly gone down in price now.

Kate said...

The greenery that frames the entrance probably makes it more inviting than your description. Reminds me of some of the underpasses I've seen in other cities.

Kerry-Anne said...

It does look a bit eerie inside there, yes; I agree with Kate about the greenery though - it makes the outside look rather pretty and summery.

Neva said...

It looks kinda creepy....thanks for answering my question about the portal.

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