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Friday, August 03, 2007

Grapes Hotel 2007

The Grapes Hotel is where the Gee Cross Well Dressing Ceremony departs from. It lies next to Booths Well.

It rained on the Sunday this year so I didn't go to look at the wells until the Monday. Hence it is not as busy as it was in this earlier picture from 2003.


Lizzy said...

Wow this is still Thursday night in Dorset!!

My Dad's favourite pub until the new landlord took over, too busy for him now! He still plays bowls on the green behind, but how much longer that will continue I don't know, I'm sure the landlord could find other uses for it.

Many a happy day spent in there though.

Lizzy said...

p.s. I see my names changed again now that I have a small blog of my own!

Anonymous said...

I like this photo. Bright and clear and colourful.


Norwich Daily Photo

WichitaKsDailyPhoto said...

Lovely building with charm and character.

inspired said...

looks ideal ;o]

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Those tables outside look very welcoming!

Jules said...

What a fabulous ol' pub - i'm sure i've seen it in 100s of movies and tv shows. but where are all the people drinking and singing outside - don't say they are all inside in the smoke.

Oh I have a feeing there is no more smoking in British pubs - is that right?

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

Hey Jules if you click on the link to my 2003 pic you'll see lots of folk outside -- this was taken on a Monday afternoon and there was just two women outside drinking at a table. One of them had parked her car in front of the well I'd come to photograph but she very kindly moved it.

And yes no more smoking in pubs so they do it outside now and litter the street with fagends!

Unknown said...

I thought well dressing was just a local custom to Derbyshire. Especially in Matlock and Bakewell.

Judi said...

Does anyone have any information about the landlord/landlady of The Grapes, Gee Cross, circa 1953?

Ken Smith said...

Grapes Hotel changed hands around 1953 from Olive Gunnell to Norman & Jennie Cooper. I married Wynne their eldest daughter in 1957.
Ken Smith.

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